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It’s been two long years of havoc in this new pandemic world and many of us have held off on important events– including weddings. If there is one thing that we’ve learned in these years, it’s that life is short, unpredictable and deserves to be lived. So why not live it to your standards? That includes your wedding. Who has time for traditions when we can step into 2022 bold, daring and vivacious? It’s only right for the best wedding planners in LA to keep you abreast of the new, unconventional wedding trends while still honoring your individualistic desires. Let’s dare to be different with these top ten wedding trends of 2022 below.

Live Entertainment

Is it your wedding? Or is it a show? They will never know. After being afraid to breathe air for the past two years, weddings of 2022 are taking “turn it up a notch” to a new level. Live entertainment (and even multiple bands for different segments of the wedding) are all the rave for 2022. Please note that “live entertainment” also goes beyond music. Think fortune tellers, professional dancers and even drag queen shows. 2022 is officially the year of “do too much” and we love it!

Intimate Weddings and Small Gatherings

None-the-less, it is still COVID, and the Omarion variant –we mean Omnicron– is upon us. If you’re not having a Zoom wedding, then the next best thing you could do (in terms of caution), is to have a smaller, intimate wedding. In the wedding world, small weddings are also called “minimonies” or “micro weddings.” Cute, right?

Also, the smaller the wedding, the smaller the budget, the lesser the COVID anxiety. Speaking of the horrid virus, another trend that 's totally worth the bandwagon hop is to require a PCR test from all attendees. More than a trend, that’s simply taking critical and considerate measures to keep everyone’s health intact. Please remember: we’re still in a pandemic.

Remixed Traditions

Do it your way. Are you the girl with more guy friends than girl friends? Cool, then your bridesmaids can be bridesmen! You’d rather two maids of honor over one? Then so be it! Don’t believe the hype: as long as it fits within your budget, there is nothing that you cannot do at your wedding. If it is your day to remember, then you want to make it worth the effort!

Eco-Friendly Weddings

It is no secret that global warming is amongst us, and with the many wildfires in California, an eco-friendly wedding might not only be a trend, but a heavy suggestion. While vowing to take care of each other, let’s also take care of the earth. There are so many alternative ways to go green at your wedding, whether it be to have compost and recycling areas present, or to invest in ethically made products, chances are, the best wedding planners in Los Angeles know a thing or two about environmentally friendly events. After all, Southern California wedding planners are amongst the cream of the crop.


If you prefer that your wedding dress is pink, purple, gold or green– then go for it! Out with the white, in with the splash of pizzaz! Bold wedding colors are trending and it adds vibrancy to the overall wedding aesthetic. If you can’t be bothered with the status quo, then don’t worry, wedding planners in Southern California know exactly where to go for the best dresses around.

Non-Traditional Florals

Dried florals, aisle florals, dried mixed with fresh florals–if it’s unusual and floral, then it’s on trend for 2022. Large floral installations add a luxurious and majestic feel to a wedding and can be all you need for a little sprucing of the ambiance.

Bridgerton Wedding Theme

Bridgerton themed weddings are probably the trendiest of all the trends this coming year. The late Netflix special has inspired lovebird couples to theme their wedding like a period piece, with dramatically puffed sleeves, blue tones and antique accessories. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s even a “Duchess Table.” Don’t worry, the best wedding planners in Southern California know more than enough about themed events, so they’d be able to execute exquisitely for you.

Multi-Day Wedding Events

Rather than having a ceremony and reception scheduled for one day, spreading out the wedding across a number of days is what’s prevailing. Though this may sound tiring for some, for others it could be perfect, as it takes the pressure off having numerous components for one big day. It also allows visiting family enough time to share intimate moments with you by themselves.

Have Fun! With so much tension and anxiety these last two years, now’s the time to satisfy all of your childhood dreams and imagination’s desires. Think of your wedding day as the glorious princess party you’ve always wanted– but with a grown up twist. Ditch the three tiered cake and get the mouth-watering donut tower. Forget the buffet and hire your favorite food truck instead. The day is yours (and your partner’s), so customize it to your liking. Whatever it is that you opt for, the best wedding planner (especially in Southern California) will make it happen for you.


If you haven’t noticed by now, the theme is that we’ve waited two whole years– why not make it extra special for everyone? If you decide that is worth it and plausible for you to increase your budget, then do so. There is no right way to splurge, as long as you and your newly wedded partner are happy in the end. So whether that means hanging florals, live piano music or multiple maids of honor, splurge to your heart’s desire. No matter what you choose to do, the best wedding planners in Southern California are here to help you turn up the sparkle.

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