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8 Wedding Hairstyles Every Southern California Bride Must Have

Credit: IG @hairlligraphy

Every great wedding story begins with the bride's hair lol. I know it's not something we want to say out loud but if we could all the truth for a second. When the bride walks down the aisle one of the first things that crosses our mind is OMG, I love her hair. When the bride has a beautiful dress and the perfect hairstyle to compliment it, everything else tends to fall in place. It's our job as Southern California Wedding Planners to ensure you are equipped with the best of the best. So, we compiled a list of various hairstyles to choose using inspiration from some of the top wedding hairstylist across the globe.

Natural Ponytail

Natural Locks
Natural Bun

Long Deep Waves
Hollywood Waves

Elegant UP DOs


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