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11 Unexpected Wedding Costs Brides Forget But the Best Wedding Planner Won't

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The best wedding planners won't forget the small things.

Payment for the bridal gown? Check. Money for the wedding rings? Check. Able to budget for the catering company? Check.

There’s a lot to go over when budgeting for your wedding day - and we mean, a lot! And you might end up missing a thing or two, or more. When that happens, you will likely find yourself in some huge bills, with no money set aside to pay them off.

Luckily, this is where the best wedding planner (in Southern California of course) steps in. Their job is to plan out every detail of your wedding and calculate all the costs. You may not think you need a wedding planner, but given the common costs brides often forget to factor into their budget--(which the best wedding planner in Los Angeles won’t)-- it would be the best idea.

Here are some of those extra costs to consider for your upcoming wedding:

Postage Stamps

When you are sending out the invitations and then later the thank-you notes, the notices are not going to deliver themselves! And if your guest list is long enough, you’re going to need several stamp books, which cost more than just a few small dollars. So yes, set aside about $100 or more for this major necessity.

Event Liability Insurance

It’s your big day. It deserves protection.. Venues would likely hold you responsible for any damages to their sites or even whatever injuries guests may obtain. There is also the chance of - gasp! - cancelling or postponing your wedding--(Listen., It happens). So you’re going to need liability insurance just in case anything goes array. The best wedding planners in Los Angeles will make it clear why you’ll need this.


Finding the perfect wedding gown and the best dresses for the bridal party is perhaps the highlight of getting married. Too bad not all of them fit like gloves. After purchasing those expensive dresses, you’re then going to need alterations to make sure every inch of those dresses will look nicely on you and your bridal party. Alterations are not cheap; some seamstresses charge hundreds of dollars to fix your dresses.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

Looking your best on the biggest day of your life doesn’t happen within a few hours - it can start a few days earlier! Many brides opt to go for facials, spray tanning, and even massages so they’ll look and feel their best. Too bad these services aren’t free, though.

Trial Hair and Makeup

Another part of looking your best is to make sure the hairdresser and makeup artist you want to work with will give you the exact look you want. You wouldn’t want someone who leaves you dissatisfied with your hair and face, right? Also, you’d want to experiment with hairstyles and makeup to see which one looks right for you.Thing is, hairdressers and makeup artists have bills to pay too.

Thank You Gifts

There’s no way you cannot give your wedding guests thank-you gifts for coming to your wedding. Luckily, there are so many fun gift ideas to give to your guests for coming to your wedding, and there are even chances to buy these items at a reasonable price. Southern California’s best wedding planners will help you pick out items that aren’t too expensive because they’ll know exactly where to look for them!

Food for Photographers, the Entertainment,etc.

While making sure there’s enough money to pay for all the food needed for you and your guests, you’re also going to need to add other people to the catering list. After all, you can’t seriously go without feeding the hired photographer, videographer, the DJ and the other entertainment, and of course, the wedding planner herself. Wedding planners in Southern California need to eat as well, and it would be rude not to add them to the catering list. is a major way of saying a big “thank you” to them.

Overtime Costs

You may say your wedding reception will end around 10pm...but will it really? Some receptions can be so much fun that the party itself runs overtime, and the venue owner will notice this. You’re not being punished for having too much fun, it’s just the venue has staff and even electrical bills to pay for.

Sales Tax and Service Charges

Dum-dum-duuuumm. You think you’re only paying the catering, the DJ, and everyone else based on their hourly rate, right? As with so many other expenses in the world, sales tax is included and so are service charges. In Southern California, sales tax can be anywhere from 7.250% to 10.750%, so you’re going to need to add that in as you calculate all your costs.

Wedding License

You and your boo have said “I do.” But are you officially married? Not really, because you still need to get a marriage license for legal purposes. Fortunately in California, these licenses cost as little as $112, which may not seem like a lot, but when you add up all the other costs for your big day, even a tiny drop of extra money seems like a big difference.

Wedding Planner Costs

Hiring a wedding planner would be your best option in keeping an eye out on unexpected costs. Wedding planners in Southern California will work within your budget. However, following the same trend above, wedding planners, as you could have guessed, do not work for free. Wedding planners in Los Angeles cost anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 for full-service planning. However, hiring a wedding planner would truly be the best investment towards your wedding.

Financial headaches are the absolute worst to deal with, especially on your wedding day. Who would want that? Exactly. With all these extra, easily forgettable costs, the best way to nip that in the bud is to book a consultation with a wedding planner. We at Cherished Moments have years of experience in making sure nothing is forgotten. That’s the last thing you need. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, so we’re here to give you what you do need. A wedding planner is the best insurance plan for a highly regarded wedding with minimal, if any, headache.


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