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The bride cuts the cake,

The bride cuts the cake,

Hi ho the dario the bride cuts the cake”

You know the drill. You and your new spouse gleefully cut the wedding cake in unison, symbolizing the novelty of your legally bonded union. You then take turns cheesily (and lovingly) stuffing messy pastry pieces into each other's mouths, as your guests gleam while recording embarrassingly touching videos. This is a big moment. It’s a big deal.

The bottom line is, the wedding cake gets an entire memorable moment in your wedding–so it has to be good, right? So…who is going to make that cake?

With so many options all over the Los Angeles area, we have narrowed down eight highly regarded wedding cake bakers for you to taste test for your special day.

  1. Top Tier Treats:

According to this award-winning bakery, the goal is “to get a feel for both the personality of the couple and the look of the overall wedding. Every cake is an original,” says baker Jamaica Crist. With each cake made from scratch and never shortened or frozen, it is clear why Top Tier Treats is on the list of so many upcoming weddings. It also has vegan options, and the Raspberry Champagne flavor is highly recommended!

  1. Flouring: Need a touch of Southern California on your wedding cake? That is what chef Heather Wong aims to do with her cakes by using organic ingredients from local farmers. Each cake captures the sunny and floral beauty of this part of the state, which would complement your Southern California wedding perfectly.

  2. Piece of Cake LA Maryn Silverberg’s cakes are like the homemade treats we’ve all had growing up, but with a twist. Sounds like a good way to celebrate your nuptials surrounded by family! But warning! Piece of Cake LA wedding cakes are not light and fluffy; they are the sinfully delicious ones that your dietitian said no to, but you can’t resist because it’s your wedding day, and so what?

  3. Lark Cake Shop: This is a family-owned-and-operated bakery that also uses locally sourced ingredients and even offers vegan options. Looks like their Vegan Chocolate Orange and Vegan Boston Banana are worth giving a try! And note this: they also say, “unlike other vendors, we do not upcharge just because you are a wedding.”

  4. Mwokaji Cakery: Watch out! Pastry Chef Tamara Brown has competed in two seasons of The Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship. That means she’s got the determination to make your cake look and taste great! She works with buttercreams and is against any GMO ingredients, so your cake will be wholesome and yummy.

  1. Half Baked: Don’t let the name fool you - the family-owned business has gotten nods of approval from Martha Stewart to Extra TV. This is definitely a bakery you need to sample! They claim to use half the fat, calories, and sugar for their cakes, so add that to your notes!

  2. 12 Oaks Desserts: Creating fun and playful cakes that both taste and look good is the goal of this bakery. They’ve got quite a list of flavors, but they are willing to go with your suggestions and even mix flavors together. Better yet: for the kiddos at the reception, cake pops can be made!

  3. Roobina’s Cake: Baking over 2,000 cakes each year, Roobina loves to see her clients’ faces light up when they taste her creations. This bakery has a wide-range of wedding cake styles, from floral to naked and even wild. Why not give her a try?

When it comes to your wedding, the cake is its own entity, so yes, it is a very big deal. Choosing someone to create your luscious three tiers of goodness (or however many tiers you desire) is no easy task. Neither is deciding on the flavor, design or even theme for the cake. Luckily, these bakers are highly experienced in working with couples and know just how to guide you in deciding on that massive part of the wedding reception. However, beware: these bakers are super busy and they book fast!

If you’re finding it tough to meet with these pastry chefs or choose the look and taste of the cake, you might want to turn to your Los Angeles wedding planner. The best wedding planners in Southern California likely worked with these chefs and probably have established relationships with them. In that case, outline your cake idea to your Southern California planner and they’ll take care of the rest. And of course, we at Cherished Moments wouldn’t mind assisting you!

Remember, if it doesn’t make your mouth water, it’s not the one. Have fun choosing the cake!

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