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Don't Do It Alone! Here Is What the Best Wedding Planners Should Do For You

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

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The best wedding planners should ease your stress and fulfill your dreams.

First things first: no bride should plan her own wedding! While you’re running around antiquating your diamonds, furrowing your brows and sweating out your edges, some of the best wedding planners in California are waiting to materialize your dream. When it comes to luxury wedding planning, “team work makes the dream work” is the most truthful cliche that you should live by. After all, who wants to worry about floral arrangements or seating errors moments before exchanging vows? How can you be fully present when such things are on your mind?

That is where a wedding coordinator or wedding planner comes in-- and Southern California is a gold mine for the best of them.

What does a wedding planner do?

A luxury wedding planner does everything to make your big day go from stressful to smooth. Their sole job is to take care of the logistics. The best California wedding planner will oversee the nuts and bolts of the wedding so that you can rest assured that everything is in good hands. When it comes to the dear moments of your big day, securing the smallest details are critical to mental ease. This day should live in your brain as glamorous as a magazine cover-- and nothing less. A luxury wedding planner will organize every detail of the wedding, from the florists and catering, to the wedding cake, entertainment and so on. They oversee it all, from top to bottom. Keep in mind that the average cost of a wedding planner is $1,850, according to Wedding Wire-- and it's worth it. Hiring the best wedding planner in California or (best wedding coordinator in California), all depends on how hands on or off you want to be in your own wedding.

What does a wedding coordinator do?

A wedding coordinator -- (or even day of coordinator, which is actually the most highly requested type of wedding planning)--on the other hand, does the same kind of work, but on a minimal scale and with a shorter time frame. We’re talking four-to-eight weeks before the big day. In other words, as the wedding draws near and you’re becoming increasingly excited (but anxious), the best wedding coordinator steps in to give you the necessary breather so that you can take a proper exhale.

What does that mean?

It means that while planning is coming to a close, the coordinator will make sure that nothing has been overlooked, all contracts have been signed, all vendors are ready to go and so on. This is helpful, not only because it takes the load off of your back, but a luxury wedding planner in Los Angeles is already familiar with wedding vendors in California and have most likely worked with them before. Therefore, they already have the negotiating skills and a sharp eye on what to look out for. Many wedding planners in Los Angeles, or rather, Southern California wedding planners in general, are well connected and know of others within the industry. With that being said, once you’re connected to one luxury wedding planner in California, though it may be unbeknownst to you, rest assured that you are actually connected to an entire industry of California wedding coordinators and planners, so one should be able to lead you to another. Never be afraid to ask questions. If you are in the midst of planning a wedding and realize that you would much rather prefer a wedding coordinator rather than a planner, then advocate for yourself. Industries are small and you never know the interconnected network that may lie right at your feet. With Cherished Moments, clients love us because we not only plan, design, and manage your event, but we also work with amazing event industry professionals who will enhance your overall experience. There’s no messing around here.

What about the actual wedding ceremony itself?

A wedding coordinator manages the rehearsal of the actual ceremony. That means introducing everyone to each other (if they don’t already know one another), sorting through who goes down the aisle and when, who sits where and so forth. Wedding coordinators also ensure that everything is in order regarding any ceremony traditions. (For example, with Jewish weddings, a glass is to be broken beneath the groom’s foot before he kisses the bride). Similarly, a wedding coordinator will smooth the kinks of fun surprises, like having the dog as the ring bearer, or ensuring that the flower girl doesn't run out of petals to toss down the aisle.

Wait! What about the wedding reception?

A wedding coordinator will finalize the wedding cake, seating arrangements, catering team, DJ, entertainment and so on. It gets so detailed that your coordinator will be looking to confirm that the DJ knows what song to play, when to play it and what duration to play it for. Should the emcee have any questions, (such as name pronunciations), he or she should approach the wedding coordinator for advice. Coordinators might even ensure that a coat attendant is available for coach check (though you may not need much of that if it’s a Southern California wedding).

And after all that is said and done?

There’s still more! After the big day, wedding coordinators will finalize payments and tell you how to get the marriage license certification.

Once that is said and done, it is just you and your forever boo! Now is your time to affirm your marriage, bask in the glory of your day, and be enamored by your own love story-- not worry about logistics.

Hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator is a part of self love. It’s knowing when to call for help. It’s trusting the process and believing that everything will work out in your favor. It’s treating yourself with honor and grace because you know that you can’t do it all. If you're all about treating yourself to what you deserve, then book a consultation. Follow the ease and let the coordinator (or planner) do it for you.


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