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The BIG Difference Between Wedding Coordinators vs. Venue Coordinators

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

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Wedding Venue Coordinators and Month-of Coordinators are not the same!

PSA: Your wedding coordinator has one job. Your on-site coordinator (or venue coordinator) has another. They are not one and the same! Thinking that they are will leave you sadly mistaken.

If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, then you are probably thinking about who would be the best wedding coordinators in Southern California that can properly execute your vision. With that said, let’s break down the differences between a wedding coordinator vs. a venue coordinator.

Venue Coordinator

When you think of a venue coordinator, (or on-site coordinator), think “by the venue, for the venue”-- because that is literally all they are for. Simply put, the on-site coordinator does everything, but only within the scope of the venue itself. On-site coordinators are the venue coordinators at your wedding, they are not the venue coordinators for your wedding, if you get the gist.

Since the location of the wedding-- (either the ceremony, the reception or both)-- is a major part of the big day, having an on-site venue coordinator may seem like a good idea. After all, these coordinators are hired by the venue itself and may even be part of its staff. Such a person is already familiar with everything that the space has to offer. That includes the dining and table setup, the venue’s measurements for decorations, the audio-visual equipment and so much more. In other words, an on-site coordinator is the liaison between you and your chosen venue. They aim to serve you the best that they can (within the venue’s limits). Sounds good, right?


There’s a lot missing for what this person can do for you. Venue coordinators cannot oversee the guest list, help with the makeup, hair and gowns, find an officiant, or even work within your budget. None of this is their job because all of this takes place outside of the venue. (Yes, their job is very literal and limited). In order to get someone to take care of all of the above, you’d have to hire a wedding professional alongside the on-site coordinator-- and the cost of the best wedding coordinators in Los Angeles (or the rest of Southern California) can get pricey. None-the-less, it’s well worth it!

What to do?

Welll, this is where a wedding coordinator (also known as a month-of coordinator), comes in. They are like wedding planners, only on a smaller scale and during the last four to eight weeks leading up to your major moment. Unlike on-site coordinators, the best wedding coordinators in Southern California will be finalizing your contracts and payments, managing the actual wedding ceremony and overseeing the seating arrangement, the entertainment, the catering and so on.

Basically, you can rely on your wedding coordinator to assist you whether you are on the venue premises or not. In this way, you won’t be limited to one-dimensional support and you’ll also be able to contact your wedding coordinator beyond the venue’s normal work hours. (However, some wedding coordinators in Southern California will have limits of some kind). You can trust in your wedding coordinator to be both your counselor and guide. They’ll be there to ease your logistic anxieties and stressors, and you need this.

An on-site coordinator, on the other hand, may not be so skilled in that. Since they are pretty much event coordinators for the venue and for any occasion, --(not just your wedding)-- the needs and worries of a couple may not be the top priority in mind.

Ultimately, if we’re speaking about practicality, choosing a wedding coordinator would be the best option not only for your wedding, but also for your peace of mind. Stressing on your glorious day takes away from the blessings of the moment. You don’t want heavy shoulders and headaches on your day-- it’s already an overwhelming time. By hiring a wedding coordinator, you’ll be getting two roles in one. The best wedding coordinators in Southern California already know about the most favorable venues in the region and have likely worked with them before, or at least know someone who has. This means that they are as familiar with the venue’s audio-visual equipment, chairs, tables and measurements, just as much as the on-site coordinator.

At Cherished Moments, we want to do all that we can for your big day, leaving nothing left behind. If you want to minimize your stress, relish in the novelty of your new life and take in all that the day has to offer, consider hiring a wedding coordinator. This is a day that we aim to ensure you’ll never forget.


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