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You’ve got a ring on it! Now, how do you tell the world that you and your boo are committing to an entire lifetime?

Here in the Los Angeles area, there are so many magical locations to snap your engagement photos. If you’re thinking of going beyond a conventional photoshoot at a photographer’s studio, then taking advantage of all the great spots that Southern California has to offer is your best bet. After all, you’ll most likely be using these for your wedding invites and at the very least, the most epic social media posts.

So which site should you choose?

  1. Griffith Observatory: It’s apparent that the stars were in serendipitous alignment when you and your love met, so it’s only fitting that you take your engagement photos at the Griffith Observatory. Located at the southern slope of Mount Hollywood (yes, the quintessential Hollywood sign), this spot is surrounded by the Bronson caves, Fern Dell/Trails Cafe and the scenic views of Los Angeles itself. While the actual Observatory itself may not allow photoshoots, this is a great opportunity to use the natural beauty of Los Angeles as the ultimate backdrop for your photos. You may even luck up on a dazzling sunrise or sunset!

  2. El Matador State Beach: Los Angeles is known for its beautiful beaches, so try using one of its most famous, El Matador , located near Malibu. With its stunning caves and large rock formations dotting the site, it is a photographer’s favorite location. Chances are, the photographer you’ll be using might have already conducted photoshoots here, which means they would already know how to work with you to get the best images for your special moment.

  3. Walt Disney Concert Hall: What better way to exclaim happily ever after than having your engagement photos taken at the happily ever after residence? Yes, we know that Walt Disney Concert Hall is not Disneyland itself, but you get the idea; basically anything Walt Disney is a fairytale classic. Not only does the futuristic architecture make for eye-catching photographs, but there is plenty of room to walk around and hold hands in ardorous affection as the photographer shoots away. Furthermore, you don’t even need to schedule a visit or pay to stroll through the site, so that should save you a few bucks!

  4. Union Station: Speaking of great Los Angeles architecture, here’s another landmark site to look into. Union Station and its beautiful designs, both inside and out, make for equally lovely photographs. Besides, using a former train station for engagement photos is a creative way to say that you and your fiancé are embarking on life’s journey in unison! However, please note: you would need a permit to do your photoshoot here.

  5. The Arboretum: This site offers the full exquisite beauty that is Los Angeles. With a variety of gardens to choose from, along with a lake on the grounds and mountains in the backdrop, The Arboretum is a world unto its own. You would need a permit to conduct your engagement shoot here as well, but it just might be worth it.

Engagements are all about professing your will to commit. It’s about the readiness to wholeheartedly indulge in life with your person. A moment like this has to be captured with the utmost intention, so choosing the best photoshoot location is priority. Though you may be planning the photoshoot on your own, you might want to consider turning to a Los Angeles wedding planner as soon as you gather your bearings. The best wedding planners in Southern California are already very familiar with the county’s best photographic locations and would probably even know the photographer you’ve chosen. Better yet, they could even choose the photographer and assist you in selecting the right photos to complement the wedding invites.

Either way, it's an exciting time that deserves to be documented. Just make sure that you do your research and plan accordingly. Remember: permits are a thing, so don’t be surprised. Most of all, congratulations on your upcoming engagement!


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