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The Top 10 Wedding Photographers You Must Have

Once in a lifetime moment, so many photographers...but who to choose?

When it comes to capturing your wedding day, you want to find someone to get those images as effortlessly as possible, right? Wedding photographers are as essential to a wedding as your wedding planner. You’ll be needing someone with enough experience, an affordable package, an acceptable turnaround date and of course, a stunning portfolio!

We at Cherished Moments have created a list of ten of the most highly recommended wedding photographers in the country. Let’s check them out!

  1. Ella Merrill: This Palm Springs resident loves photographing weddings because, “no two couples are the same and no two experiences are exactly alike.”Ella enjoys working with natural bright light, and capturing candid moments in a playful way. She is also available for destination weddings (though travel fees will apply).

  1. A.N.S. Photography & Productions: Talk about experience! This photography and video team from Long Beach have been at it since 2009, and they have a strong portfolio to show for it. Led by Ashley Byrd and a crew of videographers and graphic designers, A.N.S. seeks to capture images to lovingly swoon over for a lifetime.

A self-described hopeless romantic, Melaney first began photography at age 17 and she hasn’t stopped since. When it comes to shooting weddings, Melaney prefers getting to know the couple in order to truly capture their love story. She is also a travelling photographer and will be adding film photography to her services by next year!

  1. Neshaszda Z Photography: Neshaszda says love stories are her favorite, and you can tell by her website’s About page! She pours her excitement into her work and vows to capture images of your big day from beginning to end. Her creativity, style, and ability to capture moments is one of a kind.

  1. Reem Photography: Although based in South Florida, Kareem Virgo has no problem traveling to Southern California and elsewhere, for your nuptials. Approaching his work with a journalistic style, Virgo believes that investing in wedding photography is one of the best aspects of a wedding. His business’ name stands for: Reliving Each and Every Moment.

  1. Joshua Dwain Photography: When Joshua and Anyeka first met, they didn’t expect to fall in love - or go into wedding photography together. This NYC-based duo aims to capture images as authentic as their clients’ love stories. They’re also available for weddings worldwide, and for good reason - Joshua has won many awards from the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

  1. Stanlo Photography: Here’s another talented photographer from South Florida - Stanley Babb! Using a documentary and storytelling approach to capture weddings, Babb and his team have produced images that some say are “creative and one-of-a-kind.” Available for destination weddings, Stanlo Photography has been called one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar.

  1. Apartment 3 Photography: Another husband-and-wife team! Nina and Dom of Joshua Tree, California, say they vibe best with couples who “have big hearts, big dreams, and a wild sense of adventure and imagination”. This artsy duo pours themselves into their work and craft, and seek to really connect with their clients in order to do the best photography and videography.

  1. Leah Rae Photography: Over in Moreno Valley, California, Leah Rae enjoys working with natural light while shooting wedding pics. That’s perfect since she’s available for weddings all over Southern California, which has plenty of natural light! Even better: The Knot named her as one of the best photographers of 2021!

  1. Martin V. Photography: Always aiming to lead a creative life, Martin lives to photograph, and photographs to live! Available throughout Southern California and for destination weddings (including Hawaii and Bali), this is a photographer who also offers videography to capture your big day!

There are so many wedding photographers to choose from and they all come with additional perks. Whatever choice you make, remember these photographers are highly requested, so they’re booking clients quickly.The best wedding planners in Southern California may already personally know some of the photographers on the list, so feel free to ask your wedding planner for recommendations and introductions. For more information on how to find the best wedding photographer, download our free photography guide.

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