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8 Things You Need to Know Before Planning Your Wedding

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Pre-wedding planning will save you stress and build the love

Your Why

Why did you and your partner want to get married to begin with? Maybe it always felt meant to be. Maybe you are each other’s rock through life’s ups and downs. Maybe you just can’t live without your partner’s cooking!

It is important to remember your why. The wedding planning process will bring stress and confusion that may drive you to think, “Why did I decide to get married anyway?” During the months of planning, having an answer to that question would greatly reduce pre-wedding anxieties and help you to stay grounded in what is most important in your relationship.

Budget Outline

Experts advise that you should stick to a predetermined budget that allots 48-50% of the total budget to reception; 8-10% for floral arrangements; 8-10% for attire; 8-10% for entertainment/music; 10-12% for photo/video…plus some extra wallet room for emergencies, or last-minute additions.

Budget details are important to know and even more important to stick by, but they can be a hassle

to organize. Cherished Moments offers a full-service luxury wedding planner to take care of the nitty-gritty budget details for you! The most scrutinizing part of wedding planning is the most important, but you can trust Cherished Moments to develop and manage a budget checklist for your special day with care and transparency each step of the way.

The Most Important Thing—TO YOU

What is the most important element of a wedding to you? Whether it’s the live band, the wedding gown design, or a strict “no children” policy, this one element should be a top priority.

The best wedding planners in California will make sure to accommodate your finances accordingly to make sure the one thing that would make your heart soar on your wedding day, gets done.

Guest Count

Counting heads gets to be exhausting, especially when RSVPs fluctuate in the months leading to your wedding. Getting an accurate count of the guests in attendance is key to setting everything else in motion.

The best wedding planner in California will ensure that all RSVPs are submitted in an orderly, timely fashion so venue booking can happen right away! Your special guests are a large part of what makes your wedding day the best.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Once you’ve consulted your private Pinterest board of wedding ideas immediately upon engagement, don’t forget to let the best California-based wedding planner and day-of coordinator in on the deets!

The best wedding planners in California will want to take your lead in making your dream wedding come alive. With Cherished Moments, our full-service wedding planner and month-of coordinator service package include venue consultation, assistance with menu development, and handling of final payments and gratuities to vendors, to name a few perks!

Alleviate Your Stress

The day of your wedding will require a ton of mental and emotional bandwidth, so you'd want to be well equipped. With that said, level up on your self-care routine! For the days leading up to your wedding, book yourself a soothing head and back massage, get taken away in your favorite novel, keep yourself active. Whatever it is that takes your mind away with the stars, do it! Everything starts with you and your mental state. We want it in tip top shape for your special day and beyond.

Wedding Blackout Dates

A Christmas wedding may sound extravagant in theory, but a pain in planning. Make sure to do some light research, or better yet, work with a full-service wedding planner in California to predetermine which dates will work best for your wedding.

You can best narrow down a date by two main factors: your preferred wedding season and the availability of loved ones you wish to be in your wedding party. That way, if you wish to have a fall wedding, you can work with your wedding planner to select venue dates keeping in mind the availability of your wedding party.

Do It Your Way

Dare to be untraditional! During the wedding planning process, there may be a lot of outside opinions impacting every choice from the color scheme to the seating chart. It is important to remember that this day is supposed to be sentimental for you and your partner.

It is the perfect opportunity to start new traditions as well as incorporate important family practices on your special day. Did you dream up a pink wedding gown when you were a little girl? Or maybe you prefer doughnuts over traditional cake any day? The best wedding planners in California will be determined to make it happen.

Now is the time to put those unique ideas and novel traditions into action!


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